'Days of our Lives' 'FLASHBACK: Tina Andrews "There Goes My Job"

Days of our Lives has put out a casting call for the role of Valerie Grant. Tina Andrews created the role in 1975, and was written out of the soap in 1977. Was racism the cause for her ouster?

Below is an excerpt from a June 20, 1977 People Magazine article by Lois Armstrong.

There are people who would like to believe that with the sensational telecasting of Roots racism disappeared from America (or got stuck away someplace like, say, in the craw of Andrew Young). That is not quite the case. As it happened, in the same month that Roots premiered, the first interracial couple in the 25 years of daytime soap opera were planning a bridal shower on NBC's Days of Our Lives. Last week, just four days before the scheduled wedding, it was abruptly canceled. The black fiancée, "Valerie Grant," was scripted away from the fictional mid-America town of "Salem" to D.C. (she got a scholarship to Howard U. med school) and possibly off the series for good.

Tina Andrews, the seasoned 23-year-old actress cast as Valerie, accepted her fate philosophically, saying, "The day the script came in with him saying, 'I love you and want to marry you,' I told myself, 'There goes my job.'

You can read the complete article here

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