Lauren Koslow on Freddie Smith: "When Freddie Left Last Year, I started Missing That Relationship Immediately"

Photo Credit: Brad Everett Young
Days of our Lives fans aren't the only ones who are happy that Freddie Smith has returned to the show as Sonny Kiriakis. Lauren Koslow tells Soap Opera Digest, she is too!

"We had such a great rapport that it extended to the relationship between Kate and Sonny,"smiles Koslow. "We used to joke about the fact that no matter what outrageous thing Kate did, Sonny was always okay with it. He was very supportive and understanding of Kate. Of course, Kate is going to appreciate anyone who accepts her, so it was absolutely a very special relationship. When Freddie left last year, I started missing that relationship immediately. I was happy for Freddie that he had other projects he was involved in, because he's so talented. Now that he's back, I'm looking forward to having scenes with him. It will also help fill the void that Kate feels over Will's death, because she looks upon Sonny as not only a friend, but also a son. It adds to their bond."

Here is hoping Kate and Sonny do share scenes together!

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