Melissa Reeves: "We Will Get Into That Whole Thing With Chad, When Jennifer Tries to Get Custody of Thomas."

Melissa Reeves
Michael Logan from TV Insider recently spoke with Days of our Lives favorite Melissa Reeves about Jennifer's drug addiction, Jack's (Matthew Ashford) return, Jennifer's attempt to fight for custody of Thomas, and that pesky lighting on the show!

How bad does it get for Jennifer? "Really bad. When she finally loses it and everything comes crashing down, they do a whole episode with my character falling apart. The entire episode. This drug story has been very well written. It’s sweet because they brought back Matt Ashford [Jack], I guess as a ghost... The scenes are only Jack and Jennifer. No one else sees him, so he’s either a ghost or she wants to see Jack so much that it’s all in her mind. He shows up and talks her through things when she’s at her worst and it’s pretty wonderful. I’m glad they did that. It’s also times like this when I really miss Macdonald Carey [Tom] and Frances Reid [Alice]. To have her grandparents around to help Jennifer get through this would have been amazing. I also wish Frances had been with us when the ladies in the Salem book club ate the marijuana donuts. [Laughs] She would have been the icing on those scenes!

Will Jennifer's addiction to continue to haunt her? "We will get into that whole thing with Chad [Billy Flynn], when Jennifer tries to get custody of Thomas."

How does Reeves feel about some of the changes on Days of our Lives in the last year? "We’re trying everything to get the people to watch and be interested. We tried safe, now we’ve tried shocking. Albert also wanted to change the look and the tone of the show, and make the lighting edgier, which for us older gals isn’t so great. [Laughs] I’m like, “Can’t we just go back to that beauty lighting we had in the ‘80s? Can’t we just be edgy? Do we have to look edgy, too?” They’re adding like 4000 K or 4 K or something. I don’t know what it is exactly except that it’s higher than high definition, and we girls are going, “No way!” It’s just cruel. I think we should go on strike or something. “We want our diva lights back!” I’m always telling Scott, “Honey, there are only so many years left for this face of mine on television.” And the higher the high definition becomes, the more insecure I get. Forget about 3D. The bags under my eyes are like 5D! Not good."

You can read the full interview here

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