Flashback: Tristan Rogers On a Possible 'General Hospital' Return "NOT EVEN AT GUNPOINT"

Tristan Rogers
In the August 18, 1992 issue of Soap Opera Weekly, it was reported that Tristan Rogers didn't have any desire to return to General Hospital. You can read the full article below.

NOT EVEN AT GUNPOINT"-- that was Tristan Rogers' response to a fan asking whether the Australian actor would ever return to General Hospital.

Rogers was a guest at John Reilly's (Sean) seventh annual fan-club champagne brunch at the Beverly Ramada in Beverly Hills, Calif., July 25.

"I don't miss the show that much, OK?-- so that gives you an idea. Let's put that one to rest right now," he said, after Reilly asked him for an update on his life since he left GH last March.

"I went back to school for a while at UCLA. I took several technical courses having to do with cinematography, television, stuff like that. Since then, I've been directing music videos, which I find quite satisfying at the moment. I haven't given up acting. But at the moment it's a nice diversion. I'm planning to start up a production company before the end of the year, and I will probably have a production off the ground by next March."

"I said when I left the show I really was fed up-- '91 was a horrible year for me," he continued. "If they set out to get rid of me, they couldn't have organized it better than the way they structured it. When I gave my notice, I had no intentions of changing my mind about staying, and I left."

"The tie is difficult to break because 11 years is 11 years. I'd put a lot of myself into that show. I'm sorry to see what it's become, because there's nobody there that knows how to run it. There's nobody who knows how to write it, nobody who knows how to structure it....The show's in the toilet-- and it's going to stay there until ABC hires somebody who understands soaps. There are only three people in this country who understand soaps-- and none of them work on GH."

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