Flashback: Why Charlotte Ross Chose to Leave Days of our Lives

Charlotte Ross as Eve Donovan
In the June 4, 1991 issue of Soap Opera Weekly, Charlotte Ross explained why she was leaving her role of Eve Donovan behind.   Ross asked to be released from Days of our Lives, after completing the first year of her three year-contract.  Below is the full interview.

"Last year, when my contract came up for renewal, I really only wanted to re-sign for one year, she says, "but I ended up with a big three three-year deal. Then Billy Warlock (Frankie) came on, and I started working a lot. But now that he's leaving (Warlock's contract ends in early July), I think's it's a perfect time for me to go, too. I wasn't ready to leave DAYS last year-- emotionally or financially. This year I am."

Ross met with supervising executive producer Al Rabin in late April and explained her plight to him. "I told Al that after Nick (George Jenesky) was killed off the show, I went through a big lull for six months," she says. "Now, with Billy leaving, I was worried about the same thing happening again. I asked Al to think about the whole situation and to honestly tell me what he thought. Would I have a hot story as soon as Billy left the show, or would it take another six months before the new writers figured out what to do with Eve?" If the answer was the latter, Ross preferred to be let out of her contract.

Two weeks later, Ross and Rabin met again. At that time Rabin told the actress that he had no idea what the future held for Eve Donovan and agreed to let her out of her contract.

Ross' immediate plans are to devote more time to her recording career and to continue to perfect her acting skills. "I'm not going out there with a big head, thinking I'm a big star," she insists. "I plan to jump into acting classes right away...take as many as I can. I'd love to do some theater, too."

What will Ross miss most about her DAYS days? "I'll really miss Eve. She's such a great character. I'll miss the people here too. I'll miss Charlie (Shaughnessy), who plays Shane) most. He was like a father to me when I joined the show. I'll also miss Patsy (Pease, who plays Kimberly). I've known her for so long... I'll miss them all."

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