Sharon Case on Her 'Y&R' Character Sharon: "She Doesn't Feel Responsible for What Happened to Sage."

Sharon Case
This week on The Young and the Restless, Sharon struggles to keep the secret that Nick (Joshua Morrow) and his late wife Sage (Kelly Sullivan) are the biological parents of her son Sully. If she doesn't reveal the truth, is she doing it to save herself?

"It's about whose lives are going to change and maybe not for the better," Case tells Soap Opera Digest. "Sharon worries that the loss of a child would be devastating for Dylan. She knows from personal experience how awful it is. Faith would be going though it, too, because she thinks of Sully as Sharon and Dylan's child, so it would be hard for her to believe otherwise. Sharon is also thinking about Sully, because she is the only mother he knows. It would be very jarring for him to be taken away from her. Sharon is thinking about all of these complications, as well as the fallout, and she thinks that it's better to just stay quiet for now and leave things the way they are."

Case says Sharon doesn't believe she is responsible for Sage's death. "Sage had figured out that Sully is her son on her own and she was determined to go and tell Nick," Case points out. "Sharon didn't send her away. Sage knew the truth and she drove to Sharon's house to tell her, then decided to get in her car and drive to Nick so she could tell him. At this point, it wasn't because of a secret Sharon was keeping; Sharon was trying to find out the truth too, so she doesn't feel responsible for what happened to Sage. Sharon truly feels that she and everyone else in this are all victims."

Sharon is aware of the heartbreak Nick is going through, and she wants to do what she can to help him. "She wants him to still be around his son," Case explains. "If Nick can't actually raise his son, Sharon knows that it's important that he at least watch Sully grow up. Every time he learns a new word or has a new tooth, she doesn't want Nick to miss out on any of those milestones. Sharon's not sure if being around Sully will help Nick feel better, or make him remember his loss; she's just trying to figure that out."

How do you think this is going to turn out for Sharon? Should she tell the truth, or is it better for her to leave things the way they are? Will Sharon and Nick reunite? Will Dylan's heart be broken?  How will Adam (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) factor into this story? So many questions!

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