Alison Sweeney on the Death of Will Horton on 'Days of our Lives': It Still Makes Me Angry When I Think About It

Former Days of our Lives actress Alison Sweeney spoke with Michael Logan in the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, and had some very interesting things to say about her former daytime show.

Sweeney has remained busy with her Hallmark movies, her directing duties at General Hospital, as well as her writing career. Logan asked what separated her from other actors who are waiting at home for the phone to ring, and Sweeney replied, "A lot of actors feel entitled. They just assume the phone is going to ring. As I was easing out of DAYS, I was shocked at how the young ones would show up not having bothered to memorize their lines. I never expected to be the kind of person to say that, but it's true."

Rumors continue to persist that Sweeney's on-screen son Will Horton is returning from the dead, and Logan wondered if that would entice her to return to the show. The actress replied, "I would certainly consider it. I thought it was a huge mistake to kill Will, especially for the show's 50th anniversary. It still makes me angry when I think about it."

What do you make of Sweeney's comments? Who are these young performers who didn't come to the studio prepared with their lines memorized? Do you believe that Will Horton will return to Salem alive?  Will Sweeney return to Days of our Lives? Sound off below!

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