Lifetime Movie 'Honeymoon From Hell' Premieres Tonight, Stars Lexi Giovagnolia, Adam Hagenbuch, and Catherine Hicks

Lifetime movie Honeymoon From Hell premieres Sunday, July 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The film stars Lexi Giovagnolia (Passport to Explore), Adam Hagenbuch (Switched at Birth), and Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven).

While honeymooning in South Carolina, Julia (Giovagnolia) and Rivers (Hagenbuch) McCoy are terrorized by an unknown assailant when they are stranded at a bed & breakfast during a hurricane. Are they victims of an elaborate prank, or is someone—some thing—after them?

Honeymoon From Hell was written by Jake Helgren, and Ralph McCloud and directed by Jake Helgren.

The Cast of Honeymoon From Hell includes Cameron Richardson, Christian Brunetti, Ciara Flynn, Douglas Scott Streater, and Jeffrey M. Miller.

The movie was previously known as The Legend of Alice Flagg

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