13 Things to Know About the December 23, 2016 Episode of 'Days of our lives'

Did you miss the December 23, 2016 episode of Days of our lives? If so, here are 13 things you need to know to be caught up by Monday.

1. Chad is stunned when he sees that Abigail is alive, and takes her in his arms.

2. Chad asks Abigail where she has been.

3. Abby explains that Andre helped her disappear, and she only came back when she learned JJ was shot.

4. Abby tells Chad she knows he has moved on with Gabi.

5. Chad is devastated when Abby says she wishes she were dead.

6. Abby doesn't think she can be the woman Chad needs, but he wonders if she can be the mother Thomas needs.

7. Gabi announces to Sonny and Dario she and JJ have broken up.

8. Dario stuns Gabi when he tells her that Abigail is alive.

9. Dario clashes with Paul and Sonny.

10. Sonny and Paul share a close moment.

11. Justin and Adrienne discuss past Christmases with their kids; she falls asleep on his lap.

12. Steve, Kayla, Roman, and Joey have dinner together. Jade shows up, and Kayla assures her that she is family now.

13. Steve and Kayla exchange gifts for the holiday.

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