Don Harvey On Rebecca Herbst: "I Had Such a Crush on Her"

Rebecca Herbst
Although I am not a fan of his current story, there isn't any denying that Don Harvey, who plays Elizabeth's (Rebecca Herbst) rapist on General Hospital, is doing a great job.

Harvey also happens to be a huge fan of Herbst, like I am.

Harvey tells Soap Opera Digest: "We were kind of shy around each other. I had such a crush on her and I felt like I wanted that energy to come out when I saw her, like, “She’s so beautiful and I’m sorry for what I did.” But whenever I would talk to her, whether we were in the scene or just on the set or in the green room, I would always feel a little bashful and we would just have the greatest conversations because she would tell me about what was going on and what was happening in the story of Port Charles and I would just get so tickled by it. Her perspective on everything was unique and really drew me into the story, the way she was explaining it."

For more on Harvey and his thoughts on General Hospital, click here.

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