'Serial Scoop Now': 'Pride: The Series' Season 2 Premiere (Part 2)

The second season of Pride: The Series debuts later this month.
On the latest episode of Serial Scoop Now (2.13), host Roger Newcomb attends the Pride: The Series Season 2 premiere event and speaks with one of the shows executive producers, Ashley Mitchell, who stars as Trina. We also chat with Aaron Mathias (Garrett), Scott Michael Salame (Owen), director Michael V. Pomarico, Adam Andrew Rios (Sheeneda/Adam), Braden Bradley (Travis), Tony D. Head (George) and Geri Reischl, who played Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

"It was definitely a different experience, and it was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it," says Ashley Mitchell, who was executive producer on a project for the first time.

Six-time Emmy winning former All My Children director Michael V. Pomarico appreciated the freedom of being outside the studio.

"Coming from a structured show like that [All My Children] to have the freedom with this show was really, really wonderful," he tells us.

Watch Part 2 of our Pride: The Series red carpet interviews below.

Watch Part 1 here for interviews with Dorell Anthony (Kai), Ilene Kristen (Eleanor), Lauren B. Martin (Tia), Jonathan Villanueva (Luis) and Terissa Kelton (Riley).

For more on Pride: The Series, visit pridetheseries.com.

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