'Days of our Lives' January 13 Sneak Peek: Chloe is Forced to Reunite Nicole and Holly

Tomorrow, on the January 13, 2017 episode of Days of our Lives, the distance between Chad and Abby continues to creep in. Abigail crosses paths with Dario, and Chad finds them together. Later, Chad sends a private text to Gabi. Can Chabby's marriage survive the Hernandez sibs?

Meanwhile, Gabi opens up to JJ and reveals what she knows about the family business. Will JJ be able to keep her safe or will she become a victim of the violence that surrounds her family?

Speaking of violence, Deimos and Andre trade threats about the mircrochips that Deimos stole. In the aftermath of their altercation, Deimos orders a hit on somebody.

Elsewhere, Chloe awakens from her coma and learns from Nancy that Deimos and Brady have been snooping around for proof that Nicole is Holly's biological mother. The two decide that Chloe must reveal the truth about Holly before Deimos has a chance to spill the beans. Is Chloe going to get her chance to reunite Nicole and Holly or will something get in the way?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC

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