'Days of our Lives' January 9 Sneak Peek: Hope Discovers the Identity of Hattie's Mystery Man

Hope learns the identity of Hattie's mystery man on Days of our Lives
Tomorrow, on the January 9, 2017 episode of Days of our Lives, Hattie advises Hope on how to handle those dangerous inmates Coco and Sheila, but Hope insists on doing things her way. She checks herself out of the infirmary, intent on showing those dangerous gals that she's not afraid of them.

Later, Hope is shocked when she discovers the true identity of Hattie's ex, Alfie, but before she can share the news, Hope is chloroformed and taken away by a prison employee. Uh oh!

Elsewhere, Steve, Marlena, Rafe, and Paul arrive in Prague to search for Stefano. Marlena spots a man who she thinks could be him, but a mystery person fires a shot in his direction before she can react.  Marlena pursues the shooter and is stunned to learn it's Anna.

Elsewhere, Joey tries to comfort Jade. However, heartbroken over losing their baby, Jade wants to put distance between the two of them. Will Joey be able to help her see they need to mourn their loss together?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC

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