Does a Leaked Audition Video Reveal the Return of Sally Spectra to 'The Bold and the Beautiful'?

Does a Leaked Audition Video Reveal the Return of Sally Spectra to The Bold and the Beautiful?
By Mark Harding

The ever-observant Serial Scoop audition-watchdog has struck again! This time we find actress Erika Miranda auditioning for the role of Dora on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Of course, there is no guarantee that audition sides really reflect future story, but in this case, we really hope this scene comes to pass. Keep reading to see why!

Erika Miranda The Bold and The Beautiful from Erika Miranda on Vimeo.

So, what do we learn from the video?

1.The Spectra Fashions building was condemned, but saved from the wrecking ball.

2.Two individuals have set up shop in there, and seem to be staffing up for business.

3.They can’t afford to hire anyone, so they are trying to hire a receptionist with a “profit sharing plan”. That probably sends no red flags to the intellectually challenged receptionist, who was looking to rent an apartment in a condemned building!

4.“Dora” sounds nicely reminiscent of the once-vacant-minded “Darla”; you’ll remember Darla’s “Einstein” name was used most ironically by Sally.

5.One of the two people in charge, presumably a woman, is calling herself Sally Spectra. (That’s probably a ruse).

6.A reporter is sniffing around, and seems to suspect something is not legitimate. He wants to meet Sally Spectra.

7.The people in charge, however, seem to crave publicity. They tell Dora to chase down the reporter. They don’t EVER want to send the press away!

So what does it all mean?

The big question is: who is Dora talking to? Are Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya (Karla Mosley) frustrated with constantly being overlooked – are they going to rebuild a rival fashion house? Who would design for them? The frequently passed over Thomas (Pierson Fode)?

The entitled nature of the pair (now demanding Pigs in a Blanket) sure sounds a lot like the pair that demanded that Ally (RIP) give them pedicures a few years ago.

But Rick and Maya would have the money to pay a receptionist (especially since they’re living rent-free with Brooke). So is it someone else?
The deceptive modus operandi seems an awful lot like Quinn (Rena Sofer). Is this audition signaling a post-Eric (John McCook) era for Quinn? In that case, her most logical partner in crime would be Deacon, wouldn’t it?

Our bigger take away is that B&B may finally have gotten the memo!

Endless triangles, over-focus on a very small number of characters leads to stale, stagnant show.

Rejuvenating the House of Spectra in some form – creating a rival fashion house with lower ethical standards – seems like it could fix a lot of what ails B&B these days

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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