'General Hospital' Spoilers (January 9-January 13, 2017)

Check out the daily spoilers to find out what's happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of January 9, 2017.

Monday, January 9
* Alexis' memory tricks her.
* Franco talks to Scott.
* Laura talks to Liz about her taste in men.

Tuesday, January 10
* A difficulty emerges in Jason's alliance with Curtis
* Franco and Scott work as a team.
* Ava demands answers.
* Nelle gets in too deep.

Wednesday, January 11
* Sonny confronts Nelle.
* Kiki agrees to keep Franco's secret.
* Maxie and Nathan set out to find Claudette.

Thursday, January 12
* Nathan and Maxie have bad news.
* Valentin challenges Anna.
* Laura offers counsel to Elizabeth.
* Nelle has second thoughts about her scheming.

 Friday, January 13
* Franco is in trouble.
* Alexis looks for support.
* Finn has a dangerous secret.

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