Joseph Ferrante Cast as Marcus on 'Days of our Lives'

Joseph Ferrante
Joseph Ferrante revealed on instagram he has been cast in the role of Marcus on Days of our Lives

"Officially on board for an episode, playing MARCUS. Filming at the end of the month!
#daysofourlives #nbc," he posted.

Yesterday, Serial Scoop posted a video of actor Myles Forster auditioning for this character. In the now deleted video, Marcus is revealed to be working for Deimos (Vincent Irizary).

You can read a transcript of the audition below:
Marcus: I was beginning to think the cops found you.
Deimos: We're talking about the Salem PD. They're lucky if they find the doughnut shop.
Marcus: They did manage to arrest most of your employees when they raided the halo lab.
Deimos: I'll make sure those charges don't stick.
Marcus: Since they didn't nab you, I'm sure there's still a warrant out there for the arrest of the Candyman.
Deimos: I'll be fine.
Marcus: This'll help. It's not safe to use your own phone. With this burner phone cops can't trace your location.
Deimos: I'll be gone before they even try. But not before I secure a certain investment.
Marcus: Still after that amulet.
Deimos: And now I know exactly how to get it. My young upstart nephew is now number one on my revenge list. Between taking my spot at Titan, ruining my relationship with Nicole and now getting his greasy hands on that amulet.
Marcus: I thought dimera stole it from you.
Deimos: He did and Sonny took it from him. But I'll get it back and Sonny will pay dearly for everything he's taken from me.
Marcus: Since we know he's not going to just hand it over, how will you get it?
Deimos: I'll do whatever it takes. Even if Sonny has to meet an untimely end and I have to rip it from his cold dead hands. Bottom line. I'll do whatever it takes to get that amulet. The $20 million I get from selling it will be the seed money for me to expand my operation.
Marcus: While you figure out your next move for that, I may have some good news.
Deimos: I'm listening.
Marcus: Before the labs were raided a special batch of Halo was delivered to me. I give you Halo 2.0.
Deimos: I've been waiting for this.
Marcus: How's it different from the original Halo?
Deimos: I had a scientist in Greece eliminate the lethal force from the original drug. When the alteration was complete, I had the new formula put on a flash drive and delivered with the amulet.
Marcus: But the amulet was stolen.
Deimos: True but the flash drive was hidden in the box the amulet was delivered in. That box was handed over when the thief was confronted. This, my friend, is a sample made from that formula.
Marcus: I assume you want me to find a buyer.
Deimos: Actually I think I'll use this new improved formula for my own benefit.

Marcus: What happened to your face boss?
Deimos: It's a mask you idiot. Are you sure this is the uniform all the waiters will be wearing?
Marcus: I double checked with the rental guys.
Deimos: I should be able to work that party with no problem.
Marcus: I still don't think you should be sticking around.
Deimos: I'm not leaving without picking my nephew's pocket. When I leave town it'll be with an amulet worth $20 million dollars on me.
Marcus: What's an amulet anyway?
Deimos: A piece of jewelry that protects its owner against evil.
Marcus: Like you need it. You have me.
Deimos: I'll be a rich man. And thanks to what's in this little bottle, the good people of Salem won't even know what hit them.
Marcus: Want me to hang around?
Deimos: I'll call you when I need you. And when I do, I'll have the amulet and this town will never be the same.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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