EXCLUSIVE: Watch the 'Pretty' Season 4 Trailer and Get the Scoop from Creator Steve Silverman

Dee Freeman, Steve Silverman and Stacy McQueen. Photo Credit: Barbi Caruso
The hysterically funny and award-winning web series Pretty returns on January 5th with a brand new season. Creator and producer Steve Silverman moves the story of Annette Champagne (Stacy McQueen) into the future in a clever and very "pretty" way. Years after her pageant days have ended, Annette now runs her own dance studio! The Season 4 trailer is not scheduled to be released until tomorrow but Serial Scoop managed to get our hands on it early, and it does not disappoint. Featuring a grown up Annette, new cast members, guest stars, dance moms and a lot of laughs, the new season of Pretty looks like a surefire hit. Watch the trailer below:

We spoke with Steve Silverman about the upcoming season of Pretty and did our best to pry additional details out of the always tight-lipped producer.

SERIAL SCOOP: The first three seasons of Pretty were a comedy masterpiece. I was surprised but thrilled to hear the show was coming back for a fourth season. What inspired you to write this new, and very different chapter, of Annette Champagne's story?
STEVE SILVERMAN: Thanks so much, you've always been such a big support and our whole team appreciates it. Honestly? A new season sounded fun. When we wrapped Season 3, our then co-Exec Producers John and Doug said they were ready to move on to new projects and our lead actor, Sam, said the same. And I moved on myself to "The Inn." But I had this idea for moving us into the future and seeing how Annette's life turned out to be. Barbara and Heidi, producers from previous seasons and The Inn, were both on board and then I asked Emmy-nominated producer Barbi Caruso (DeVanity) if she was game and she said yes. It all came together very quickly and we kept it hush-hush, not letting anyone know what we were doing until we were on day three of filming.

SERIAL SCOOP: Annette is far removed from her pageant years and is now running a dance academy, Annette's Cadettes. I never would have thought of that, but it seems like such a natural and perfect choice for the character. Did it take much convincing to get Stacy McQueen on board?
STEVE SILVERMAN: I pitched the idea to Stacy McQueen and she liked it and said, "Write it." So I did and I sent it to her and she said let's go for it. We've been best pals for over twenty years, we love working together and we trust each other. It sounded a little scary but scary stuff is what makes life exciting.

The Pretty Season 4 cast. Photo Credit: Barbi Caruso
SERIAL SCOOP: We get a glimpse of some of the cast new members in the trailer, including Diane Delano (Fumbling Thru the Pieces) and Michael Caruso (DeVanity). It looks like Caruso is playing a Scientologist who's involved with Annette. Can you reveal anything more about their characters?
STEVE SILVERMAN: You're asking me for spoilers? ME? Seriously did we just meet? You know I'm not going to reveal anything…much. We're thrilled with our new cast and it will all, finger's crossed, make sense when you see the new season. That said, Michael Caruso is playing Annette's ex-husband and Diane Delano is a dance mom. That's all you're getting out of me.

SERIAL SCOOP: Is there anything else you can tease about the story? I need to know what Louise Fitzpatrick (guest star Denise Alexander) is up to now!
STEVE SILVERMAN: The past and the new present will collide in very strange, fantastical and "Pretty" ways: Adrienne Wilkinson steps into the now dance shoes of a former Annette rival and sparks will fly, there's a peek at that in the trailer. And Pretty favorites Parker, Royce, Candy and Bernadette make appearances. And of course, Ribina. What would Pretty be without Ribina? As for Ms. Alexander as Louise, stay tuned...

SERIAL SCOOP: There are five episodes in the fourth season. Please tell me you've decided to keep making new seasons of Pretty forever.
STEVE SILVERMAN: I'm game if you're game. I've already started scripting a Season 5, which will feature another twist in the reality-bent world these people live in. Attention Genie Francis: We'd love to have you back for more "Pretty"-ness.

For more on Pretty, and to catch up on the first three seasons, visit prettytheseries.com.


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Hiya. Season 4 of Pretty is available now and ad-free at JTS.TV. And there's a free trial. I think eps 1 and 2 of the season have already been released! http://www.jts.tv/Pretty

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