Leaked Video Reveals Information about New Character Olivia on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

The Bold and the Beautiful recently put out a casting call for a young Caucasian beauty in her early 20s to play the contract role of Olivia. She is described as "outgoing, sultry, bawdy, animated, high energy."

Actress Lily Berlina auditioned for the role, and the script used gives us some insight into the character.

RJ Forrester has applied for a job to work as an assistant to the owner of a design company and Olivia is conducting the interviews. She asks a series of bizarre questions that confuse RJ, which include where he gets his fear of abandonment and if he wants to kiss her.

However, Olivia reveals that she wanted to see how RJ does under pressure and offers the job to him. It turns out she is the owner of the company and loves his designs.

You can watch Berlina audition for Olivia below.

Lily Berlina Audition/ Olivia/ B & B from Lily Berlina on Vimeo.

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